I grew up in Brussels. Its streets are extremely eclectic. Futuristic glass towers are neighbours to guilded glamour and rough graffiti. It is a city where scaffolding can be so old that it needs some scaffolding of its own...

And my work too is full of juxtapositions, loose connections and gentle associations. In my fantasy archeology, I am particularly draw towards the little piece of history that are still alive in our minds. The artefacts that have been part of our own lives are full of connotations, memories, atmospheres, …

To me, jewellery and scent are the most evocative tools. Jewellery are pieces we carry on our body through generations; and scent has the ability to bring old memories to life.

I look up to perfumers like Cesar Majorana and Merle Bergers. My first internship was with Merle, from Lingua Planta. I later worked as a graphic and print designer for fashion house Ninamounah. After my studies at Design Academy Eindhoven, I went on to do a masters in accessories at La Cambre in Brussels to reimagine the shape of scent as innovative, poetic and intimate adornments.