For those who gather, collect, and archive, the process inevitably transforms into creating something new, destined for the future.

Collectors, gather fragments of our future past. They stand rooted in the past, with an eye to our future.

Our jewellery, trinkets, and other paraphernalia are charged with reminiscences. The intangible nature of our memories and sentiments finds its closest comparison in our sense of smell.

The smell of my mémé's bathroom, my father's leather jacket, the sweet smell of my doll, Rosalie, or an old horse named Roméo..
Scent dwells in our subconscious, attached to moments lived.

This act of caring goes beyond preservation. it involves cherishing, protecting, and above all, sharing these fragments to let their stories continue.

These fragmants are meant to pass from hand to hand. Thus, the collection becomes a living narrative, a testament to of our human relations.

In this interconnected web of memories and stories, each object takes on a new life, contributing to the ongoing tale of our shared human experience.

x Louise